Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Well here I am in San Francisco! I'm really sad to leave Los Angeles and all the friends I made there behind, or at least I was until I got here! The directions I was given to the hostel were terrible so I ended up wandering into a not-so-pleasant area, when a hooker told me this wasn't the area to be lost in, I thought it best to get a taxi...

So this hostel is well different, much bigger than the one in Venice but a bit more basic, although apparantly there's free bagels every morning and free beer tonight :oD

This place couldn't be more different from L.A, it felt a lot more 'familiar' when I got here. And it's so hilly! Anyway I went for a wander and ended up down at Fishermans Wharf, watching Sea Lions entertain! Lots to fit in thesse four days, tomorrow I'm going on a catamaran tour of the Bay, and on Thursday to Alcatraz.

More soon


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