Monday, June 20, 2005

That was one hell of a Saturday night.

In true Hollywood style, I ended up coming round at 5am, staggering around the streets of West Hollywood, with no idea how I'd got there or what I'd spent the last 5 hours doing. Last I remember I was on a black tinted "fun bus" with Matthew who I met last week, and a random wedding party. What happened next? I will never know.


I still managed to haul myself out of bed on Sunday though and met a great British guy called Graeme who lives and works in Hollywood - lucky sod.

Onto San Francisco...


Anonymous Gabriel said...

Hey Dave, been following your blog since you sent it to me a few days ago.

Well I was till I lost the bleedin bookmark, but I'm back again now and here to stay.

Glad to hear you're finding enough time to play as hard as you work.

So have you got any of the other people @ the Dealership to pronounce Jaguar properly? Would be comical to hear lol

Anyway, you have fun, will catch you online from time to time to chat, and if not I'll follog the blog.

Hugz as always


Mon Jun 20, 11:33:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Ooberdave said...

Hey Gabriel, yes you'd be proud, I've taught each and every one of them how to pronounce "Jaguar"! And just to be sure, I was spying on them answering the phones, and they've got it spot on!

A success :-)

Wed Jun 22, 10:03:00 pm GMT  

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