Friday, June 10, 2005

So last night I took my first steps into h o l l y w o o d and hey, it's just as dirty, smelly, sleazy, sinful and sleazy as i'd imagined! We went to the Lava Lounge to catch a couple of bands, great club, was a cool night. On the way back to Venice we drove up through Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Pacific Pallasades, all I can say is wow. Amazing houses and amazing views of Los Angeles.

Me in the Lava Lounge, after a few drinks!

"AM Radio"


Anonymous lord of the manor said...

Hey, looks like you are having a wicked time. You need vodka crambery and peach schnapps ;-)

Carc still fine, been checking. Carpet in front room is interesting?

I'm still allll luuuved up, it's terrible. Been sending constant emails back and forth across the pond, gonna fly to Boston and pop to the cape on my way to Montreal, it's terrible

Later babs, play nicely with the boys and girls ;-)

Sat Jun 11, 02:40:00 pm GMT  

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