Friday, June 24, 2005

I'm just waiting for our free breakfast to be ready, so I thought a quick update was in order!

So I went to the BBQ with Denise and Jeffrey, and a friend of theirs Gary was there too. It was a lovely evening, the food was brilliant (I later found out Denise runs a restaurant!) and the wine flowed. It's so easy to make friends here, it's crazy.

Yesterday I "did" Alcatraz and it was quite an experience. The audio tour was fantastic and because I was there on my own I was really able to get into it. I was fascinated by the escape story, and ended up buying a book about it. The authour, a lady who grew up on Alcatraz Island (daughter of one of the officers) was there and signed it for me.

Back in civilisation, I got a tram and bus down to the hippy Haight district, what a fantastic area! My reason for going was to visit Amoeba Music. I now have a new favourite record shop! This place was amazing, enormous in size and just jam-packed with racks and racks of new and used CDs - a browsers paradise! I left with just 5, for me and Matt (he owes me a favour!), but could EASILY have bought more like 50! Also I have to mention the "Rockin Java Lounge" next door which served TOP coffee!

I've absolutely loved San Francisco so far, the city is beautiful, easy to get around (despite the hills) and the people are so diverse.

Anyway, I'm off to breakfast, and my last day in the city...



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