Monday, June 06, 2005

Hello hello! I can't sleep so thought IO'd wander out onto the corridor where this little terminal is and update you all! I think it's the sunburn, whoops yes I was out in the sun a little too much on Sunday!!

So, I've been here little over a day and already:-
  • Met the staff at the dealership and been invited to a strip club on Sunset Blvd
  • Been out to a rock club with a couple of really cool people, although I'm shocked that vodka and coke is apparantly "really weird" drink to have out here!!
  • Jogged along Ocean Avenue
  • Been shopping in Santa Monica
  • Chilled out on Venice Beach (a little too long!)
  • Found a British pub where they sell Strongbow :oD

Start properly at the dealership in the morning and it looks like I'll be doing some I.T work for them, fine by me! Photos soon, promise...

Messages to people:

Kevin - Spent money in the Abercrombie shop already, whoops! BUT! Got chatted up by a FIT FIT FIT member of staff ;-) Got your copy of 'Details' too.

Iain & Geoff - the British accent is being put to good use. What-ho chaps!

Dan - Spain would be a lot cheaper!

Glen - Maybe I could get my ghetto pass renewed downtown? Los Angeles vs Brixton in a fist fight who would win?!

About to run out of money on here so gonna try catch a few more hours sleep before working out how to get to the dealership!!!


Anonymous Sez said...

Alright Dave!!

Your trip sounds fantastic so far mate!!

Lol glad to see you're putting your posh toff accent to good use old chap, I bet you're using it to woo all those damn fine fit fit fitties aren't U old boy?
If you do nothing else can you teach them how to pronounce Jaguar properly while you're there?? "Jagwar" my arse!! chocks away!!

PS maybe you should change the name of this page from "DAVE-in-LA" to a more appropriate, for U, "DAVE does LA" tee hee hee

Tally ho for now old chap, I'm off to try and get more than 4.5 hours sleep which I've had to survive on for the past 5 days!!

PS when U get chance ask Mike how his foot is? and how much dropping a concrete bollard on it hurts. the pisshead has broken his foot, he did the pub crawl on crutches the twit! Luv U Mike;-)

Tue Jun 07, 09:28:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Ooberdave said...

Nice one Si, it's now DAVE-DOES-LA as requested ;-)

Thu Jun 09, 09:41:00 pm GMT  

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