Saturday, June 25, 2005

And so I come to my last post in America. This morning I shall be setting off on a mammoth journey, back to Birmingham, via LAX and Heathrow.

Friday. Friday was a great last day. I got up early and biked around the bay coastline, over the Golden Gate Bridge and round to a small fishing town called Sausalito - could it be the prettiest place on earth?! The views from the bridge and Sausalito across the bay were simply breathtaking. I then had a little kip and made my way to the great Cafe Du Nord to see the one and only Pansy Division. The gig was a good laugh and I got to meet Luis, Jon and Chris from the band - all really nice guys. And so several vodkas (theme of this trip?) and one tram ride later, I collapsed into bed and here I am now, nearly ready to leave.

Some final words.

This trip has been amazing. It's taught me so much about other people and most importantly, myself. I've been overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone I've met here. To Ron, Laura, Duane, everyone at the dealership, Matthew, Graeme, Denise, Jeffrey, Gary... thank you for making this trip so memorable. To Ray and Paul, thank you for making it happen.

I will see you all back in Britain. If my flight and coach are on time, I'll be in the Gale sunday night, welcoming myself back to reality, come and join the party :-)


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